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Opening Concordia Design Wroclaw

We would like to invite you to the press conference accompanying the opening of Concordia Design in Wrocław. 

The meeting will feature:
Ewa Voelkel-Krokowicz – CEO Concordia Design
Jacek Sutryk – Mayor of Wrocław
Nathalie de Vries – Founding partner/principal architect MVRDV
Fokke Moerel – Partner/architect MVRDV
Alicja Biała – Visual artist, author of the mural at Concordia Design Wrocław

During the conference we will discuss such subjects as:
• The uniqueness of the Wrocław-based project on the Polish architectural scene.
• The role of Concordia Design Wrocław in the life of the city and its residents.
• The architectural concept developed and implemented under MVRDV’s supervision.
• The monumental mural by Alicja Biała as the hallmark of the project.

The conference will be conducted in Polish with an English translation. Please select a language depending on your preferences.

Questions can be sent to the following address: or asked via chat.



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