Aula Artis

The organization of a prestigious event requires a special setting. It will be provided by the spectacular Aula Artis auditorium, located in the very center of Poznan. Equipped with modern equipment, it is an ideal place for events prepared on a grand scale. The facility is located near Poznan's Citadel park.
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Aula Artis - prestigious events in Poznań

A concert, a conference, an award ceremony or maybe a gala? If you are looking for a venue for a large event, Aula Artis will certainly meet your expectations. The auditorium has a 12×15 meter stage and an auditorium that can accommodate about 500 people. Its elegant arrangement will emphasize the prestigious nature of the event.


High-quality sound system and advanced multimedia equipment ensure excellent reception for event participants. Customized lighting is also responsible for the appropriate setting. In addition, we have reliable translation equipment. The checkroom has been adapted to serve 600 guests, and the foyer can simultaneously serve as an art gallery or banquet hall.


Numerous business, cultural and other events are held inside the Artis Auditorium:
  • brand product presentations
  • castings for films and commercials
  • trade shows
  • anniversaries
  • theatrical performances
  • art events
  • car launches
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Conferences and congresses enriched with artistic program

Organization of concerts, theatrical performances and other artistic events for employees or customers

Organization of galas and banquets in a dedicated visual and sound setting

Product launches - up to several cars can be brought to the Hall stage

Specialized workshops, such as on public speaking, body language, and voice emission

The auditorium of the Auditorium has a standard capacity of 467 people

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