We are always there when you think about change

We create products, services and spaces that change reality. We inspire and bring positive changes to your business, life and environment. We are in POZ_nan and WRO_cław in the most characteristic points of these cities. We grow into the urban fabric, identifying with the place where we are and the people we work with. We put people and their needs at the center, connecting them with trends and signals of change. We do business consulting, but also more than that. Each of our business areas inspires MORE!
We are in WRO_cław, and there...

In the heart of the city, on Słodowa Island, we give space for work, exchange of ideas and inspiration. This is where companies, freelancers, startups grow and create, because we offer more. It's not just coworking, but an amazing community where we feel the creative turmoil, working together to change reality.

We meet not only to work, but also to eat well. At Concordia Taste Wroclaw you will taste exceptional cuisine by Damian Bildzia. You will have the opportunity to see the spectacular view of the city skyline on our terrace, where you will not only drink delicious coffee, but experience more, as it is here that unconventional parties and events are held.

We are in POZ_nan and...

We are giving more art in the urban space - all in the square between Concordia Design and the Baltic Sea. The Art Haven allows you to stop for a moment in the hustle and bustle of the rushing city and see what is invisible at first glance. The most recognizable names, vernissages, spatial forms - you will see this at Concordia Design!

Descending from the Marina of Art, you will enter directly into a restaurant whose space inspires, and what is on the plates is taken care of by Top Chef Adam Adamczak. Concordia Taste - because there should be more delicious food in everyone's life!

Entering the third floor, you will meet a team where ideas are boiling! We are experts in various fields, we bring the knowledge of a multidisciplinary team to your company, we combine theory and practice, sharing our experience.

We organize events

We organize business events, employee events, but always creative! Inspiring you to do more and take another bold step into the future, for more.

Udostępniamy biura i przestrzeń cowork

Stworzyliśmy przestrzeń do kreatywnej pracy - zarówno dla firm, jak i freelancerów czy startupów. Wnętrze Concordia Design to ambasada polskiego designu, której projekt został zrealizowany w duchu zrównoważonego rozwoju, uwzględniając potrzeby użytkowników_czek przestrzeni, ale i całej planety.

We provide business consulting

At Concordia Design Consulting, we provide business consulting to help companies achieve more! We operate, using proprietary methods, such as Creativity + Thinking. All this makes our actions change your company, which RE_defines its DNA, in effect - we create completely new solutions for your business audience. That's why.

We are the people from RE

RE_define problems and challenges,

We RE_act to the present and the signals of change shaping the future,

RE_cycling knowledge and ideas from your organization.


Before we prepare a tailored solution, we ask a series of questions, confronting the answers with non-obvious realities. We co-create the process with the client. As a result, your business RE_alizes its goals, stays ahead of the competition, innovates and grows.



We are human from otherwise

We approach each project with curiosity and creativity, we have an individual approach and create out-of-the-box solutions. How do we achieve this? We see inspiration everywhere! We are experts in various fields - so we bring not only the knowledge of a multidisciplinary team, but also experience. All this makes us even better at co-creating tailored solutions for our clients using proprietary methods such as Creativity + Thinking.

We work according to the values of


We are creative in everything we do. We implement new and valuable ideas. We always give our clients, but also each other, "something more". We are not afraid of change, we act out of the box and avoid routine.


Zaufanie to fundament naszej współpracy. Zakładamy, ze każdy z nas ma wspólny cel i dobre intencje. Ufamy również, ze każdy ma odpowiednie kompetencje do wykonania swoich zadań. Działamy w atmosferze szczerości i otwartości na każdy feedback.


We know that we have an impact on what happens in our organization. We act, take the initiative and feel responsible for every aspect of our company. We count every opinion and create an atmosphere where everyone feels important and listened to.


Our greatest strength and differentiator is the combination of multiple competencies and areas of operation. This allows us to offer more, achieve ambitious goals and gain business advantage

Ewa Voelkel Krokowicz
Leader from RE_defined

Owner and CEO of Concordia Design Poznań and Wrocław. She is also responsible for the creation and development of the Concordia Taste restaurant, as well as for the art and culture activities carried out at the Art Haven, as well as at Auli Artis. In March 2020, she also opened Lab150, a research and development center equipped with the latest technologies for prototyping. Ewa Voelkel Krokowicz is active in several associations and organizations including: Business Women Leaders Foundation, Enterpreneurs Organization, Program Council of the Polish Theater and Animation Theater in Poznan, FBN Poland.

She is the one who drives us to action, RE_defines our thinking, opens us up to the new, RE_analyzer of all changes, RE_evaluator of our crazy ideas - simply an RE man.

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