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A space full of taste, art and entertainment. Also culinary. Loosen your tie, put on your sneakers, grab a fork... and the people closest to you by the hand. Come together and have fun! We like to say that we are the sister of Concordia Taste in Poznan. The younger, slightly rebellious one. We are separated by miles, but we have a lot in common: we love local products, appreciate artisans and get excited at the thought of new offerings on our plates. Responsible for the selection of flavors is our new Chef - Damian Bildz! At Concordia Taste, Damian will make familiar dishes slip out of their usual framework. It's time for a moment of madness on plates, or rather... plates.
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Concordia Taste. Stop in and savor life.

Concordia Taste is located in one of the most beautiful places in Wroclaw - on the green Wyspa Słodowa. The restaurant's scenography is a more than 500-meter-long mural, the work of artist Alicja Biala, which pays tribute to attentiveness and the idea of savoring life with those closest to us.

Slow down for a moment to appreciate the time spent together. Concordia Taste is a place for unique gatherings with family and friends. Enjoy nature, art, great food and, of course, each other.






Plates or the joy of sharing and the fun of taste

Each plate is a hero, a unique culinary story. Ahead of you is a multi-layered plot and exciting twists. Costume in the order you like. One by one or all at once. In pairs or in a large group. Improvise by sharing with your loved ones. Go back to the same dishes or let Chef surprise you.
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Stop pl. Bema; lines: 6, 8, 9, 11, 17, 23, 111, 128, C
Dubois street stop; lines: 7, 15, 74, 132, 142, 144, K



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