Organizational culture design

A company's organizational culture is its DNA. It is the factor that distinguishes an entity from its competitors.
In the words of Stephen P. Robbins: "it is a system of meanings adopted by members of an organization, distinguishing that organization from others."
At the same time, it promotes understanding of the organization's mission and vision and goals, influences employee involvement and identification with the company, and strengthens the process of change.
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We support companies in identifying and building an organization's culture based on values and mission:
  • we design organizational culture research
  • We define what culture is in your company
  • We educate on its importance to the organization and its tasks
  • we diagnose what is the current and target type of organizational culture your organization is aiming for
  • We build the culture of the organization and create tactics and an implementation plan with you
  • We help you implement imposed corporate values into your company
  • We co-create solutions with employees so they are tailored to your business and implemented
  • We educate change leaders on the culture of the organization
  • We implement the organizational culture with you
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What will you and your business gain?

- Well-designed work on the organization's culture will support the achievement of business goals,

- By managing the organization's culture, you will gain more willingness and motivation of employees to change,

- You will learn the true motivations of your employees,

- By consciously changing your organizational culture, you will attract the right candidates for your organization, 

- You will learn to manage the potential of employees.

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