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Are you looking for a place to work for yourself or your team? An office in Poznań that will inspire you and at the same time make you home? Join Concordia Design! We have office spaces for rent in the city center. Attractive location in Poznań, parking, full equipment and originally arranged space - this is what sets Concordia apart!
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Modern office space in Poznan

Imagine a place that is cozy and comfortable. A place that stimulates your imagination and makes you work more efficiently. That's what our offices at Concordia Design are like! 

Our offices for rent in Poznan are dedicated to entire teams, we also have hot desks and coworking available (you can read more HERE). 


Dowiedz się, jak wyglądała przemiana wnętrz Concordii – Future-Conscious Design.


Wynajem biura – co nas wyróżnia?

good location (city center)

large parking lot next to the building

full office equipment

flexible contracts

equipped common areas, kitchen, chillout room, meeting rooms

acoustic call boxes


bicycle parking

Powierzchnie biurowe

Wynajem biur - piętro I

The first floor of the building features as many as 19 offices. Each of them dedicated to a specific number of people, so you are sure to find something for yourself. In addition, 2 meeting rooms, 2 acoustic booths and chillout space at your disposal.

Wynajem biur - piętro II

The second floor of the Concordia Design building, in turn, has 9 offices and a coworking space dedicated to 14 people. What's more - 3 meeting rooms, 3 acoustic booths, chillout space, a common area and a lobby with staff.

Offices for rent in Poznan - your new place to work

Proponujemy biura na wynajem w Poznaniu dla zespołów od 6 do 18 osób. Co nas wyróżnia? Otrzymujesz biura serwisowane, nie płacisz za metry kwadratowe. Dzięki temu masz pewność stałości opłat i kompleksowego wyposażenia przestrzeni w cenie, w tym: media, utrzymanie czystości, internet czy przestrzenie do dyspozycji, jak chill space i salki konferencyjne. Dodatkowo w budynku znajduje się wyróżniona przez dziennik “The Guardian” Restauracja Concordia Taste w budynku


We know how dynamic your work can be, which is why we offer flexible contracts and 24/7 access to the office. The Concordia Design building has a reception desk and security, so you can be sure that your new office space in Poznan is fully protected.

The office spaces for rent at Concordia Design are newly renovated - at the same time they have been designed with ecology in mind. All this to leave the smallest possible carbon footprint and take care of the planet. During the design process, we paid attention to low carbon emissions and applied the 3R strategy. Concordia Design puts the planet at the center, but also humans. Hence, our offer is not just office rental. We emphasize the Concordia Design community - equal, supportive and diverse at the same time.

Biura Serwisowane - FAQ

What are serviced offices?

Serviced offices available at Concordia Design are your place to work. Using the serviced office offer you are assured of fixed fees - one price includes your work space, desk and equipment, internet access, access to common areas: equipped kitchen, meeting rooms, chill space, cleaning, reception service, etc. The contract is flexible, so you can easily change your place of work - but are you sure you're going to give up your job at Concordia? 🙂

Is there furniture in the offices?

Yes, your serviced office is located in a space that is fully equipped. You will be provided with a desk, a comfortable chair, cabinets, adequate lighting, internet access and technical and IT support if needed.

What hours can I use the desk?

The Concordia Design facility is accessible 24/7, with Office Manager and Community Manager assistance available during business hours between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. However, during other hours, the facility is monitored by security. In summary - you can use your desk whenever you want. You will get to your office through your tenant card.

Is there parking in the Concordia building?

Tenants can use several parking lots in the area. These are the parking lots: at the Concordia building, the underground parking lot at Concordia, the parking lot under the Kaponiera Roundabout, the parking lot at the Baltic Sea and on the MTP grounds. Each of these parking lots is operated by a different third-party company, so the tenant can contact the chosen service provider and use a convenient parking space.

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