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Organizational culture

We support companies in building an organizational culture based on values and mission. We provide leaders with the competencies necessary to conduct transformation projects (combining leadership skills with design methods such as: design thinking, agile). We teach critical thinking and leadership that inspires and motivates different generations of employees (feedback, motivation, authority building, managing distributed structures, modern sales philosophy). We change the education and employee development systems in various organizations (education design, recruitment and adaptation of new employees, development centre). If your company's or organization's employees do not identify with the values and mission, if their motivation is low or there are conflicts and problems with information flow - we can change that.

Customer experience

We analyze trends and business environment to understand the changing world and users' expectations. We analyse end users to understand what is important to them, what determines their actions and consumer decisions. We conduct qualitative, quantitative and ethnographic research. We teach managers and employees customer orientation in service design. If you feel that your service does not meet all your customers' expectations, if you would like to gain a better understanding of the user path and trends in your industry - contact us!

Service and product design

We conduct design audits. We prototype solutions focusing on our Clients' actual needs. We provide comprehensive implementation support. We improve designers' skills in the area of design thinking and service design. We help teams generate new ideas to expand their product and service portfolios. We offer support in identifying market niches, new customer segments, new areas of operation. Contact us if you feel that your product or service requires modification or if you have an idea for something completely new. If you are not sure if your service will appeal to your Customers.

Developing creativity and innovation

We use the mechanism of gamification for education and team-building. We coordinate projects to implement innovation in enterprises. We teach how to use creative techniques in the business environment. We show how to use storytelling in business. We conduct workshops on business improvisation in order to develop managerial skills. If your team experiences a creative crisis, is reactive and poorly motivated - we know how to change it!

Business strategies

We provide comprehensive consulting services - from design challenge diagnosis, through the stage of trend analysis and ideation of new solutions, to prototyping and implementation. We support companies and institutions in building strategies and business models. We help develop product portfolios, improving existing ones and inventing new solutions. We help local governments implement the idea of smart cities. We teach agile project management and change management methods. Creating comprehensive marketing strategies. Business mentoring for managers - conducted by Piotr Voelkel. If you have a problem with defining the direction for your Company's development, you feel that the existing business model no longer works, the competition is developing faster than your company - we can help you with that!

LAB 150

Lab150 to nowoczesne centrum projektowania, prototypowania i badania produktów i usług, stworzone z myślą o małych i średnich firmach z branży kreatywnej i wyposażenia wnętrz. Lab150 to 3000m² przeznaczone na działania projektowe, innowacyjny park maszynowy – strefa Rapid Prototyping, przestrzeń badawcza z biblioteką materiałową oraz inkubator dla młodych firm projektowych i kreatywnych. Park maszynowy dostępny w Labie jest absolutnie unikalny w skali ogólnopolskiej i daje niespotykane dotąd możliwości modelowania, prototypowania i projektowania. Lab150 to zespół technologów, projektantów oraz ekspertów Concordia Design. Wspieramy rozwój firm i pomagamy w procesie tworzenia produktów i usług – od pomysłu, przez badania, prototypowanie, testowanie, aż po wdrożenie.

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