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Our methods

Our methods

Creativity thinking

Our original methodology of designing solutions - an outcome of many years' experience in creative collaboration with the business sector. What is so special about it? Approach to the project team, multi-stage structure, creative leaps and exploration of practical applications. In other words: we are reaching out for the STARS while standing firm on the GROUND. What we achieve as a result is not only a concrete idea that is ready to implement, but above all a committed team (PEOPLE) prepared to take responsibility for change and its maintenance.

Design thinking

This method involves the application of design tools for developing innovation - not only in the area of product aesthetics or usability, but also strategy, development or operating methods. The approach relies on workshop activities involving experts from various fields of science, business, art and enterprise organization. During the process our Clients become active participants of research, design and implementation processes. We provide companies with ready-to-use tools that can be applied to building a new culture of innovation and development.

Visual thinking

A method of solving problems and presenting content with visual tools. This is particularly important in a world overloaded with information, because visual tools are an effective way to restore clarity in thinking, decision-making and communication.

Service design

While the need for product design is obvious, the need for service design remains unclear. Services such as education, banking or consulting are intangible. However, providing a service is a process that can - and must - be designed to ensure the best possible user experience. This is exactly what service design supports. It is a method facilitating the creation of innovation in the area of services, focused on the user and employing the process of design thinking.

During designing solutions, we use methods and techniques adjusted to the scale of problems.

Our methods

Agile management

Agile project management is an iterative, incremental approach to organizing the work of teams in project implementation. This working method is used to develop new products and services in a flexible and interactive way. In this approach, changes are a natural part of project delivery. Agile covers a number of agile management methodologies, including Scrum, Feature Driven Development, Extreme Programming.

Systematic Innovative Thinking (SIT)

SIT is also known as "Inside-the-Box" method. In a nutshell, it consists in creating the best solutions using only those resources that are available inside the organization or in its immediate surroundings. SIT allows us to develop solutions that we can use, among others, to create new products or to introduce innovative changes in existing processes, services and products.

Coaching tools

Coaching tools

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