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Poznań spaces

We can propose an original, engaging scenario for any type of meeting. We also recommend some tried and tested ideas on how to achieve the intended goal of the event.

Whatever you plan, our space will suit your needs!

Select the floor

Floor 1

Na poziomie I oferujemy 2 duże sale konferencyjno - bankietowe, foyer i przestronną salę warsztatową. Dzięki systemowi mobilnych ścian, przestrzeń można dzielić i aranżować. Sale EXPO, LUNA oraz MEMO można powiększyć o Foyer zyskując blisko 1000 m² powierzchni. Łącznie przyjmiemy tu nawet 500 osób.


Level 2

You can use a private workshop room - ideal for meetings in a smaller group.

Level 3

You can use as many as 5 workshop rooms of different sizes, offering numerous arrangement options. The largest of the rooms can accommodate ca. 80 people.

The Art Haven

The Art Haven is the outdoor space located between Concordia Design and Bałtyk office tower. It is excellent for car displays or product exhibitions.

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Maciej Pustowniak
Conference & Event Manager
Anna Styburska
Sales & Event Manager

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