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Company values

"Values are beliefs about what is best or good for an organization and what should or should not happen" Michael Armstrong.

Values in action most strongly influence the relationships an organization wants to build and maintain with its stakeholders, indirectly shape a company's image and contribute to an organization's competitiveness.
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What do the values give you?

1. shared values and culture make your company recognizable in the market

2 You connect employees who share the same beliefs and build a community around your employer brand. This makes it easier for you to achieve your business goals.

3 You gain even more competitiveness - the culture and values of any organization are like DNA - they cannot be copied.

How can we support you?

  • We help define and build the value of the company
  • define a declared set of value-driven and "values in action" (values in use) in your organization
  • we co-design with you and your team the implementation of corporate values (top-down imposed for the whole concern, capital group)
  • co-create processes to support the implementation of value
  • We educate change agents and value ambassadors

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