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Meet Design Manifesto at Impact'23

Do you want to find out why we are announcing DESIGN MANIFESTO - the first manifesto on the Polish market dedicated to the topic of design?
In the publication we have prepared, we have gathered interviews, opinions and articles prepared by experts and female experts from various industries, so that you_a can learn different perspectives on the current situation in the market. Business design is all about change and keeping up with it. In order to do this, it is necessary to put not only human beings, but also the resources of the earth at the center.
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What will you find in the publication?

  • Opinions, statements, signals of change and articles by 18 experts from Poland from abroad.
  • Different perspectives on business design, different working models and team development proposals.
  • Tools developed by Concordia Design's experts to help grow your business.



"Know-experience-understand-change the world".

We design products and services to eliminate their negative impact on the environment.

At the core of innovation and modern organizational culture is freedom, with a framework built on self-control, responsibility and trust

Not bravado but boldness in thinking outside the box and consistency in action is behind business success.

We design universal solutions, including people with different needs in the process.

We go beyond the area in which we design by becoming careful observers of nature, art and social trends.

We learn to unlearn thinking patterns, and we seek new forms of education and personal development. We educate by designing valuable experiences.

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