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Labor Relations Report

Are employers ready to adapt to the new post-pandemic reality? Does work-life blend or its seed exist in Poland? What is our relationship with work
and can we talk about freedom in Polish organizations? We decided to find answers to all these questions by conducting a study, the conclusions of which you will read
in the report.

What did we study? The most important aspects that affect the combination of work and private life, the needs related to the space in which we work, and we also explored relationships in and with work. We juxtaposed our findings with the opinions of experts from various industries and companies.
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What will you find in the report?

  • the results of our proprietary survey, where we gathered opinion
    from 386 respondents and in-depth analysis made during qualitative research
  • Conclusions aggregated into 4 areas (HOW?, WHERE?,
    WITH WHOM? and WHY?) that will help you understand yourself, your employees and your customers even better
  • opinions and tips
    19 experts from different business areas to give you an independent viewpoint

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